Bernardo Zapatero


Bernardo Zapatero comes from a large Spanish family hailing from Mérida, a city in the Extremadura region nestled along Spain’s western border. Stories passed down from one generation to the next harbor evidence that the Zapatero family is distantly related to the famed Spanish conquistador, Franciso Pizzaro. Whether the tales are true, Zapatero men are known to be fiery, hot-tempered, bold and adventurous – traits Pizzaro most assuredly possessed.

Bernardo has lived a relatively brutal life in America that has shaped his attitudes, emotions and temperament. His parents have many children, most of which garner far more love and praise than Bernardo ever has. This fact has ultimately lead to the man’s relative isolation from his family and, keen observers have said that the Spaniard’s need for attention can only be outshone by his loyalty to his only true friend, Salvatore Gagliano (Sammy G).

Bernardo is prone to outrageously violent outbursts and nigh uncontrollable fits of rage that have, for the last ten years, been aimed and directed at the enemies of the mafia family, the Castalettis. Traditionally only Sammy G has been able to talk Bernardo out of his bloody episodes, but even then, Bernardo remains largely unpredictable but highly effective.

Bernardo Zapatero

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