Giuseppe Lucido

Giuseppe “Joe” Lucido is Salvatore Gagliano cousin from the Old Country, come to visit. Joe is actually trying to hide from the Sicilian Mafia families back home.

Giuseppe or Joe as he likes to be called in America is in awe of the New World. A former soldier under his father Don Franco Lucido in Sicily he killed Appilonia Lupo accidentally in a local war in the old country. Don Lupo called for his death and in an effort to save his favorite son, Don Lucido sent Giuseppe to America to find refuge with the Gagliano’s, and his cousin Salvatore, long time friends and allies of the Lucidos back in the old days. He also told Giuseppe to see what he could learn. Don Franco has heard that there are many opportunities and he knows that his son Giuseppe is smart and ambitious enough to potentially create a strong foothold for the whole Lucido clan.

Giuseppe is intensely loyal to his friends and a living terror to his enemies. He deeply regrets the death of fair Appilonia, and unlike many of the men in his line of work, he has begun making routine trips to church to light a candle for Appilonia and pray for her soul and to seek some manner of forgiveness, though he has little hope for himself considering he knows he will have the blood of many more on his hands in his quest to improve the fortunes of his family.

He knows that if he could come to America, that the Lupo’s will eventually come looking for him there so he has to be on his guard.

Update-Joe has been ‘made’ as a Soldato in the Castaletti crime family working under Sammie G. Joe has plans to open the Lucido & Campagna Importing Company with his new friend and fellow ‘made’ man Dante Campagna. This buisness trades in olive oil and other imports from Sicily in addition to it’s other purpose, as a front for smuggling WWI surplus military grade weapons from the old country to aid the Cataletti’s in their war with the Greco’s and to even the playing field.

Joe has also gotten a reputation and is known on the street as Joe “The Cleaner” for the clean and precise nature of his work as Sammie G’s number one button man. When Sammie wants to spread shock and terror, her sends Bernardo, but when he wants it quiet and clean, he only turns to Joe. Joe works often with Dante who has proven to be as smart and methodical as he is.

Joe is currently fostering a growing friendship and professional relationship with Claudine Gravois, a prostitute who feeds him information that has aided him in securing favors for the Castaletti family and has aided him on more then one of his ‘cleaning jobs’. Joe finds that he has growing feelings for the exotic and pragmatic woman, but knows he can’t marry her or expect to settle down with her. He has grown very protective of her, but respects her ability to take care of herself. He has had only one occasion though to lose some of his cool regarding his friend and sometimes lover Claudine. One of her customers got a bit rough with her and beat her so badly she had to go to the hospital. The next day he was found, burned to death, apparently while he had been alive and strapped to a chair, the tricky part was the body was found in his own living room of his house, found by his family the next morning.

Giuseppe Lucido

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