The Castelletti Family

The Castelletti Family is the name of the New York City Crime Family that controls Brooklyn and a portion of the Queens Borough. They are considered to be the second most powerful family in New York City.

Capofamiglia: Joseph Castelletti
Sotto Capo: Santino Castelletti
Consigliere: Vincenzo Fazzolari

Soldato: 100
Associare: 250

The Castelletti Family was founded originally by Anitolli Vizzini from Sicily. Anitolli was sent by the Sicilian Families to help found the New World. Originally he worked for the Sicilian Greco Family, but was eventually given permission to found his own family. The Family was ruled by a Vizzini for three generations before passing into the hands of Joseph Castelletti in 1885.

After many years of successfully leading the family, Joseph led it into a war with The Greco Family. During their five year war Joseph aggressively took over large segments of the Greco territory. This war took The Vizzini’s from the fourth most powerful organization in New York City to the second most powerful, and reduced the Greco’s from the most powerful to the third. The now most powerful family, The Amato Family, then interceded in the war, and forced an uneasy truce between the warring factions. At the banquet that brought the end to the war, it was Alessandro Amato who first referred to the Vizzini’s as The Castelletti Family.

The Castelletti Family

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