The Greco Family

The Greco Family is the name of the New York City Crime Family that controls the majority of the Queens Borough. They are considered to be the third most powerful family in New York City.

Capofamiglia: Anthony Greco
Sotto Capo: Gaetano Greco
Consigliere: Carlo Greco

Soldato: 100
Associare: 200

The Greco Family in New York City is actually an offshoot of the Crime Family of the same name in Sicily. The Grecos were sanctioned and funded by the Sicilian outfit, and charged with the responsibility of controlling the Original Family’s interests in the New World.

The Grecos became so successful, that the family eventually allowed one of their most loyal members, Anitolli Vizzini, to found his own family. While this family was founded to act as an ally to them, it would eventually be The Greco Family’s undoing.

In 1885 The Vizzini Family was eventually taken over by Joseph Castelletti. Joseph eventually went to war with the Greco’s over conflicting interests on the border of their two territories. This war would lead to the loss of major amounts of territory previously held by The Grecos, and see the Grecos reduced for the most powerful family in New York City to merely the third most powerful.

The Grecos have never forgotten this loss of power, and have vowed to someday avenge this grievance.

The Greco Family

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