The PC's Territory

The PCs currently control over 100 city blocks mostly in Brooklyn but also in Queens. Their territory also borders Manhattan across the East River, which is Amato Territory. This puts them on the front-line of the conflict between The Castelletti Family, and The Greco Family, and a place of interest in the new growing tensions with the Amatos. Their territory is also significant due to the large amount of Commercial and Private Waterfront.

Salvatore Gagliano

Giuseppe Lucido Personal Guard
Dante Campana Personal Guard
Claudio Macchione Overseer of Area 1
Nino Giusino Overseer of Area 2
Ugo Santagata Overseer of Area 3
Paolo Farese Overseer of Area 4
Stephano Tenuta Overseer of Area 5
Vittore Zarrella Overseer of Area 6
Gino Esposito Overseer of Area 7
Frank Esposito Overseer of Area 8

Bernardo Zapatero
Carlo Falcone
Ludovico Esposito

Current Income Sources
Total $75,000
Area 1: $10,000 per week
Area 2: $8,000 per week
Area 3: $15,000 per week
Area 4: $5,000 per week
Area 5: $6,000 per week
Area 6: $9,000 per week
Area 7: $10,000 per week
Area 8: $12,000 per week + $10,000 for the next 4 weeks

Payroll: $600 per week for Non-Wildcard Soldato, $60 per week for Personal Associare, $30 for new Personal Associare
The Family’s Cut: $50,000 per week
Political Bribes: $8,000 per week


Politicians Owned
William Barnes Ward Boss for Northern Brooklyn
David Sloan Lower Court Judge
Benjamin Meir Lower Court Judge
Gerald Lansky Lower Court Judge

Prominent Contadino
Moishe Solomon
Pasquale Campana
Ricky Amorelli

Prominent Businesses
Amorelli’s Casino in Area 7
Bella Rosa in Area 3
Campana’s Ristorante in Area 7
The Sweet Rose in Area 8

Side Businesses
Bernardo $200 per Week
Giuseppe $500 per Week
Dante $300 per Week

The PC's Territory

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